They are gone

Tue, 08/16/2022 - 09:27
utolso tizorai

It now seems certain that the storks have left the Vlaha nest after this year's successful breeding and
rearing. The last time we saw a stork in the nest was on the night of August 11, but it also disappeared in the early hours of the morning.
As usual, at the end of July and beginning of August, the events in the nest accelerated. Two days after the flight of the first youngling on July 17, on July 19, its siblings took their first flight as well.
In the next two weeks an intensive flying and hunting training followed for the young storks. However, it is interesting that this time the parents fed their chicks in the nest until the last day of their stay at home. At 10:48 a.m. on August 3rd, the last ten hours were served to them (in our picture), and then a few minutes before noon, most of the family left. They must have joined a flock that passed through. Only the youngling wearing ring 7844 remained in the nest for another four days. The little one had a hard time being alone. He spent most of his time at home or on top of the tower of the Reformed church, expressing his loneliness with bitter whining. However, on the evening of August 5, a few minutes before 9 p.m., an adult stork - we believe that it was Miska - returned to the nest and brought him food. Another stork also arrived with the caring adult, but he watched the events from the neighboring electricity pole.
The little stork wearing ring 7844 set off on the long journey on August 7 at 18:20. We didn't see him in the nest after that.
In the following days, the nest had tree more visitors. An un-ringed adult stork rested on the nest for 30-40 minutes on the evening of August 8 and at noon on the 10th. The same adult - perhaps Miska - returned on the evening of the 10th at 20:04 and spent the night here. Another stork came with him and wanted to land in the nest several times, but he wasn’t welcome. The guest spent the night on top of the neighboring electricity pole, and they left together at 6:22 on the morning of the 11th. You can see the photos of the last weeks here .
This year - perhaps due to the drought - our storks left earlier. We hope they will arrive in the southern hemisphere with luck, and we will see them next year!
And to you, our dear followers, thank you for sticking with us! From March 2023, we welcome you back to the website to watch the life of the Vlaha stork family together.