Leske, Miska, we are waiting for you at home!

Mon, 03/13/2023 - 17:17

We hope that the stork pair, whose daily life we have been following live on this website since, is on its way home and will soon arrive to their nest at Vlaha. The same couple or a different one? We don't know for sure. We've been keeping records of the nest's storks since 2007, but we've only been able to closely observe them in the last six years, after the installation of the webcam above their nest, which we shared with the people through the World Wide Web.
In the past 16 years, the earliest date of arrival was recorded in 2015, when the first stork got here on the 14th of March. Another early arrival was in 2018, when 15th of March was recorded in our statistics. In other years, the first arrival of a stork was more towards the end of March. The wait for the arrival of the second stork may be as little as a day or as much as three months, in some cases. 
In 2017, based on a vote amongst the followers of the stork's lives, we decided to name the female Leske and the male Miska. The only way we could be sure that the same Leske and Miska would return to the nest year after year would be to ring them and identify them by ring number year after year. We, who can observe the nest closely, believe that the same Leske has nested in Vlaha in each of the last six years, but has started families with at least two Miskas. Whichever stork comes, whichever way it happens, for us, it will always be Leske and Miska nesting here. They belong to us, to all of us who welcome them back, who get excited over watching the eggs get laid, hatched, the chicks get fed. Us, who watch them grow and take flight for the first time, who, together, trough these experiences, have slowly grown into a community of people interested in ornithology and the wonderful life of birds. 
Leske, Miska, we are waiting for you at home! Let our seventh year together begin!