Project suggestion for biology classes

Mon, 04/03/2023 - 13:34

Dear Biology teachers!
Would you like to give your students an interesting and fun project? 
Three years ago, during the pandemic and online school, the team created its stork monitoring plan. The plan shows what exactly can be observed trough the live video broadcast from the stork nest in Vlaha.
To answer the questions asked, you can access the time-lapse by clicking on the arrow on the left of the live image on The website will sequence the images taken by the camera every minute or two, making it possible to look back at the events of a day. If you start the time viewer on your computer screen, you can stop and restart the playback with a single click, making it easy to record what happened in the nest. You can also find news, photo galleries and film clips on, which record the most important events in the nest over the last six years. Good luck!