Will there be five chicks?

Sun, 04/16/2023 - 22:02

Leske and Miska are clutching five eggs in the nest of Vlaha, and it seems certain that the number of eggs will not increase. In the late evening of 3 April, Leske laid her first egg and, as we have seen in recent years, every other day after that Leske has laid another egg, always in the same 21:30 - 23:00 time slot. A sixth egg would have been laid on the evening of April 13th, but this did end up happening.  They were happy with five eggs. 
This number can be said to be quite usual in the Vlaha nest. In the last six years, the number has been higher only twice, lower once, and higher only when eggs had to be replaced after being thrown out of the nest. 
The only remaining questions are whether the early spring frosts have damaged the eggs and whether all of the five eggs will be succesfuly hatched. 
In the last six years, the first chicks hatched 34-36 days after the first egg was laid. So on 7 May, and in the days thereafter, it will be worth keeping a close eye on the live broadcast. Until then, the spectacle of scaring away intruding storks and the alternating clutching of eggs can be a sight worth watching.