One of the baby storks is dead

Sat, 05/20/2023 - 10:56
elpusztult kisgolya

One of the baby storks died in the nest in Vlaha on Friday 19 May. At its last feeding on Wednesday evening, everything seemed to be fine, but by early Friday morning it had stopped moving. Throughout the day, hay had been put on its head several times. Saturday morning at 6:15 Leske threw the carcass out of the nest. 
The last time we recorded a similar case was in 2017. 
This year, four of the five eggs were hatched by Leske and Miska. On 9 May two chicks, one on 10 May and one on 12 May managed to crack the eggs. One of the eggs failed to hatch. It is still in the nest and serves as a reference. It shows how big the chicks were at the time of hatching and how much they have grown since then. Among the three remaining chicks is the last to hatch, which is well below the size of its siblings two and three days older.