The stork chicks were left alone

Fri, 06/16/2023 - 17:17

After they reached the age of one month, in the last few days the parents left the stork chicks alone in the nest at Vlaha several times. On the evening of June 13, we saw the little ones for the first time without parental supervision. Then when we tried to check if this was the first occasion, we noticed that it had also happened earlier on the same day and the previous day. So far, the parents have only been away from the nest for periods of a few minutes.
The stork chicks have already learned to stand up and cluck, and they began to retreat to the edge of the nest to defecate. On the morning of June 11, one of the adults threw the unhatched egg out of the nest. The egg reached the edge of the nest already a day earlier.
We plan to ring the stork chicks on June 20th at 9am.