The Vlaha chicks were ringed

Tue, 06/20/2023 - 13:01
Gyuruzes 2023

On June 20, Tuesday, the stork chicks growing in the nest at Vlaha were ringed. Many children accompanied by their parents and grandparents gathered at the event. They were also given the opportunity to pet the stork chick brought down to be ringed under the nest. During the ringing, Leske and Miska kept an eye on the nest on the roof of neighboring houses.
A metal ring was placed on the left leg of each baby stork to help identify when the bird dies and someone discovers its remains. On the right leg was mounted a white plastic cylinder with an identification number consisting of the letter E and three digits, written in black. It can also be read from a photograph, so it is also suitable for identifying a live stork. 
Ringed birds are monitored around the world, and based on the data reported about them, researchers draw conclusions about their route, their habitat in Africa and their speed of movement. Today, this method is a bit outdated, because now it is also possible to mount a transmitter on the chicks on the stork, and thus more accurate data can be obtained.  
This year, the chickens from Vlaha received the numbers E921, E922 and E923. I fitted their plastic cylinders in hopes of hearing back from them. 
Other photos from the ring can be seen here