Spring maintenance at stork nest

Thu, 03/26/2020 - 10:09

On Monday, March 23, we performed maintenance and troubleshooting work on the
atork nest and camera. Branches were hanging from the bottom of the nest between the wires of the power grid,  so we first took them off during a brief power pause. At the same time, we dropped a layer from the top of the nest, as it is heavy the rack holding the nest may break due to weight. Experience has shown that this does not disturb the returning storks, after all, the nest is being rebuilt every year.
In the second step, we checked the signal cable, replaced the connections at the ends,
because live broadcasting has been interrupted several times last year and this year. Unfortunately, we could not determine what is causing the error. We are glad to see the live image now and trust that
it will continue to be so, but we know the picture may be darkening again.
Thank you for the help of Electrica Power Company!
We look forward to the return of our storks!